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Basic Research

The Research Division at diagene is focusing on the discovery of the genetic basis of inherited diseases. In addition, in complex genetic diseases such as lipid disorders, cardiovascular disease or Alzheimer's disease, gene-gene interactions are dissected and the regulation of the genes involved in these metabolic pathways are investigated. In metabolomics, in particular genes involved in the intracellular cholesterol and insulin metabolism have been investigated in the past. More recent publications are focusing on the impact of the sterol-regulatory element-binding proteins (SREBPs), transcription factors governing the cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism and involved in the insulin regulation and on effects induced by the influence of inhibitors of the sterol synthesis pathways (statins).

New Publications:

März P, Otten U, Miserez AR. Glia. 2007;55:1-12.


Fig. 1(A) Effects of statins on GFAP-positive cerebellar astrocytes Representative micrographs showing astrocyte cultures grown for 3 days in medium (BME, 0.5% FCS, a, d), containing 10µM atorvastatin (b, e) or 5µM simvastatin (c, f). Panels d-f show stimulated astrocytes stained for glial fibrillary acid protein (GFAP). Phase contrast images of astrocytes incubated in the presence of 50µM mevalonate with medium (BME, 0.5%, g), atv (10µM, h) or sim (5µM, i).