About us

For decades in the field of research

The foundation of the diagene Research Institute was laid in the 1990s in the USA, at the Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas (TX), and was later supplemented by other areas of activity at the University of Basel. diagene is divided into three divisions: diagene Research Institute, diagene Routine Laboratories and diagene Outpatient Clinic. The interaction of these three areas leads to considerable synergies on numerous levels, i.e. from basic research to patient treatment, and to possibilities normally only available in large hospital centers.


Prof. André R. Miserez, M.D.


Prof. Miserez has been an expert in research for decades. With passion and founding spirit, Prof. Miserez has built diagene and has always led it on new, successful paths in human medical research. 

Activities to be highlighted:

  • Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Basel

  • Specialist in Internal Medicine, F.M.H.

  • Chairman & CEO, diagene Research Institute

  • Chairman & CEO, diascreen scientific

  • President, Swiss Society for Familial Forms of Hypercholesterolemia